School Mission Statement

Holy Rosary College is a Voluntary, Catholic, Co-Educational Secondary School where students, staff, management, parents and the local community together aim to provide a holistic education in a safe and caring environment and where the dignity and uniqueness of each person is valued and respected .


  • to foster a school climate which is characterised by the quality of relationships based on Gospel values.
  • to foster an environment where a culture of learning exists between students and staff.
  • to recruit suitably qualified teachers who will accept the school’s mission statement.
  • to facilitate the ongoing development and training of staff
  • to develop the full potential of students, giving special assistance to individuals with special needs
  • to foster an environment that helps staff and parents to work together
  • to value the dignity and uniqueness of each person
  • to promote extra-curricular activities
  • to facilitate and encourage the pursuit of Christian values
  • to respect the cultures and beliefs of all
  • to promote an orderly teaching and learning environment that respects the dignity of both teacher and pupil
  • to ensure the school is a safe and caring place
  • to ensure the school buildings and grounds are well-maintained
  • to prioritise and pursue the provision of additional facilities.