Why Studying in Holy Rosary College?

  • Spirituality – Being a mission institution, Roman Catholic setting to be precise, the spiritual growth of the students are promoted by compulsory attendance to mass and prayers daily, adorations, retreat, confessions, and existences of some pious organizations like Legion of Mary, Sacred Heart, St. Anthony, Charismatic etc.


  • Academics – In our society where examination malpractice is the order of the day, Holy Rosary College is still one of the institutions, where students who desire success have no other option than to work hard to pass their exams.


  • Conducive environment – One of the reasons why Holy Rosary College is good place for your child is because of her conducive environment for studies. There is no distraction of any kind in the school environment.


  • Discipline – The level of discipline in Holy Rosary College is rated number one among the secondary schools in the eastern part of the country. Respect to the staff and students is our watch word.


  • Extra Curricular Activities – We provide great opportunities for practical skill acquisition in the various aspects of life. We have different clubs in the schools to enable our students to be fully equipped for the life after school. We have ICT club, Jet club, Press club, Debate Club, Drama club, Music club, Farmers Club, Art club, Mathematics club and Entrepreneurial club.